Doing Business with HDOT

HDOT Highways Division is looking to improve our processes to make the shared work of planning, designing, and constructing highway improvements more efficient. As a consultant, contractor, or engineering professional, your input can help! Please share your manao and help us improve for our communities.

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How easy is it to bid on HDOT HWYs projects?
  • How easy is it to get needed solicitation documents (i.e., plans and specs)?
  • Once awarded an HDOT contract, how easy is it to get the information needed to do the work?
  • Where do you get the information you need to complete a HDOT job (e.g., standards, details, design criteria)?
  • How easy is it to apply for permits to work in State Right-of-way?
  • How easy is it to submit plans or reports to HDOT HWYs?