H-1 EB Koko Head Offramp

The Hawaii Department of Transportation is seeking public comment on proposed improvements to the H-1 eastbound Koko Head Avenue offramp. The community has indicated that they have concerns regarding the shared left-turn/right-turn lane from the offramp onto Koko Head Avenue. HDOT is proposing the following options to address those concerns and increase the safety of this offramp by reducing weaving as vehicles exiting seek to get into their desired lane.

The proposed options are:

1A - Restripe the offramp. Restriping would change the shared left-turn/right-turn lane to an exclusive right-turn lane. Estimated cost $40,000.

1B - Restripe the offramp and the Koko Head/Harding Avenue intersection. This option would reconfigure the offramp as in Option 1A and would restripe the northbound lanes of Koko Head Avenue at its intersection with Harding Avenue to turn the current shared left-turn/through lane into a left-turn only. Estimated cost is $45,000.

2 - Widen the offramp and change configuration to two left-turn lanes and one right-turn lane. Estimated cost is $7 million.

3 - Leave the offramp as is.

Please select your preferred option. Additional information on why you made your choice and how you think it would improve safety is welcome and can be left on the project forum. To read the full study visit https://hidot.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Final-Report-Koko-Head-H1-20190717.pdf

Option figures can also be viewed as a PDF at https://hidot.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Koko-Head-Ave-Off-Ramp-Option-Figures.pdf

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